Good morning, it’s Paul & Jack here with the SCVR for Tuesday.

Timing - today's report is now finished.

There are a couple of stragglers on my pad, that I'll try to look at later this week, e.g. Driver (LON:DRV) . A couple of readers mentioned K3 Capital (LON:K3C) which does look an interesting company, but it's quite complicated to analyse, so would take me too long.


Well done to Jack for his appearance in last night’s online Mello investor meeting, it was really excellent. As always Jack was fluent & talked sense, not always easy when the spotlight is on you. David Stredder, who organises Mello events, says that nearly 400 investors joined the event on Zoom.

As a follow-up, there’s another Mello Zoom today at 13:15, to fit in another presentation that there wasn’t time for last night -

Don't forget last night's Gamechanger, Accrol Group, will be doing a full one hour session with Q&A today (Tuesday 15th) at 2pm. Here is the link to tune in and hear from the Directors and ask any burning questions you may have but please note we are recording this one so you will need to be there! [Paul: looks like a typo, I assume they mean they are not recording it? Otherwise it doesn't make sense]

You can click here to access all research notes and investor presentations from Accrol.

We will be starting early (from 1.15pm) to cover unanswered questions from last night's Double Up on Smartspace, so feel free to join us when you like.

US Election

Thanks to the friend who alerted me that Betfair has just paid out on Biden winning the US Presidential Election. What a pathetic spectacle Trump is making of himself, refusing to concede defeat, stirring up trouble. It makes me feel that, despite its faults, our system here in the UK does at least provide stability, and clean handovers.

Book recommendations

Which prompts me to give a book recommendation. I’m enjoying John Kampfner’s “Why the Germans Do It Better: Notes from a Grown-Up Country”. It’s an easy listen on audiobook (Audible), and is an interesting run through of post-war German history, economics, and culture. He almost lost me in chapter one, with some snide, sweeping criticism of the UK’s political system, whilst praising Germany to…

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