Good morning, it's Paul here with the SCVR for Tuesday.

Today's report is now finished.

As regulars know, things are always a bit random where I am involved. Typically, I try to write something interesting (hopefully) here, then go for a brisk walk in the afternoon, to rebuild my strength after a (highly probable) Covid-19 attack in March & April.

Whilst on my brisk walks, my latest audiobook is like a glimpse into the past, being the memoirs of IG Index founder, Stuart Wheeler. Improbable though it may seem, this helps me detach from the markets, and start to relax a little. I am enjoying this audiobook, albeit still in the early stages. Stuart was shot in the lip in Egypt, and things like that, make me pretty glad that National Service had stopped by the time I was of an eligible age.

As I began to relax, in a more calm world of socially-distancing paranoid people in Bournemouth this afternoon, I gently sipped my can of Carling, teetering down one of the lovely "Zig-Zag" pathways which take everyone down from the East Overcliff, down to the beach in Bournemouth. I paused to catch my breath at a beauty spot. The view was spectacular, of the beach, east and west. The sun was shining today. It was so lovely. I'll put up some photos later.

I glanced down at the painted sky blue bench next to me. Then I noticed a beautiful plaque on it, saying "Timothy and Joan loved this place". As I caught my breath, I wondered who Timothy and Joan were, and what lovely memories they had of Bournemouth in years gone by, maybe the post-war years? The moment was shattered, when a crudely-written marker pen message next to it caught my eye, stating, "Julie Davies is a slag!"

What a pity.

As I descended the zig-zag, my bladder started to nag at me. This is what happens when you're over 50. Several visits to the en suite become automatic at night, and one quietly has to find somewhere to go when the idiots in charge of the country decide to lock us all down.

In their infinite wisdom Bournemouth Council had closed all the toilets to stop the spread of covid! Whatever. On my typical evening walk, call me old fashioned, I like to have some lager, and then recycle the cans,…

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