Good evening/morning! It's Paul here.

Skip this bit, if you want to just read about shares. The long rambling introduction was written last night, after a particularly good dinner at a local steakhouse.

UK Investor Show - what a lovely, and simultaneously disastrous day it was for me. Various factors ended up with me cutting it fine, as regards timeliness. The situation then went from bad to worse. One of the organisers, Hannah, rang me to ask if I could be wired for sound, as I was about to go on stage for a keynote session with Nigel Wray.

Sadly that wasn't possible, as instead of being in the foyer of the QEII Centre, I was actually being flung around in the back of a cab, as on my command, my driver was beginning to take hare-raising risks in North London traffic, as it dawned on him that I was ranting on my mobile phone at increasingly high pitched and expletive-laden vocabulary.

In the end, I decided that it wasn't worth causing an RTA, to speak at an investor show, and got him to drop me off at Tottenham Court Road tube station, where I ran down the escalators & platforms, diving into a train just as the doors were closing. Eating my pre-presentation banana (the sugar rush helps control nerves), I pondered my fate. Undoubtedly I was about to be the worst villain since my late arrival last year.

What to do? Make lame excuses and hide? Never. Turning up, and facing the music is the only option. We all make mistakes. It's no good being in a state of panic, if something bad happens, even if it's my fault, I just apologise profusely, and the decent people will eventually calm down enough to forgive me. If they don't, then such is life. Ultimately, in 10 years' time, nobody will know, or care. I lost my house & all my money in 2008, so that has made me pretty resilient in dealing with bad situations. Life goes on. It's never as important afterwards as it feels at the time.

Anyway, the domino effect from my lateness, was that Tom Winnifrith got into a lather, and at this point opinions differ. Tom claims that he tried to get Ed Croft (our wonderful boss here at Stockopedia) off the stage early. Ed declined, and said the audience probably wanted…

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