Good morning, it's Paul here!

I'm staying overnight at the Royal Oxford Hotel, after a busy & enjoyable day at Stockopedia HQ yesterday. My head's pounding, as Graham dragged me to "ATIK" for some boogying after we had waved off the rest of the team at the Red Lion, plus a few stragglers that we picked up along the way. I felt like a ball inside a pinball machine, as drunken youth constantly & unapologetically lurched into me. People now really don't have any manners at all, do they?

I can't even make myself a cup of tea, after reading a horrific article in the Guardian recently, which revealed the unspeakable things that people do with communal kettles in hotel rooms - weeing in them, or boil-washing their underwear apparently. No wonder the Guardian has such a tiny readership, and ironically only still exists due to the financial support of an offshore trust - it really is the most gloomy, negative publication imaginable. I'm so glad I'm not left-wing - life must be hell if you only see the negatives around you.

Anyway, whilst I conduct emergency rehydration, I shall attempt to review the trading updates today from: MCB, CPR, BMY, SHOE. The hotel are intending to throw me out of my room at noon, so that might cause some temporary disruption to this article.

EDIT: Thanks to Trident, for reminding me about Gear4Music results, which came out at an unusual time yesterday. I haven't actually read them yet, but my broker read out the key points to me over the phone yesterday, and there don't seem to be any surprises. European growth is the excitement there, and UK still growing strongly too. I'll cover that later, once I've found a decent eatery with WiFi in Oxford. The nice thing about having a clapped out old laptop is that nobody wants to steal it. That's why I also use a cheap phone from Argos, instead of all that fancy Apple business.

McBride (LON:MCB)

Share price: 215p (down 6.6% today)
No. shares: 182.1m
Market cap: £391.5m

Trading update - McBride describes itself as;

...the leading European manufacturer and supplier of Co-manufactured and Private Label products for the Household and Personal Care market

Today it is holding its AGM, and updates us on trading in the early stages…

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