Good morning, it's Paul here, with Tuesday's SCVR. See the header above for the announcements I'll be covering today - quite an interesting list, of companies that I mostly like, which is good.

Timings - I'm taking things at a leisurely pace today, so aiming to finish by 3pm.

I see that futures made an attempt to rally overnight, but they're not really getting anywhere near recovering the big sell-off yesterday (Dow down over 1,000 points at one stage). Finally coronavirus is having a significant impact. I'm mystified why it took so long, when this threat has been building steadily for several weeks now.

Travel companies and others with China supply chains got whacked yesterday in particular. Although I saw signs of some panic selling, in that other stocks seemed to get sold off too. The big problem with small caps, is the lack of liquidity. It only takes a handful of small trades to really whack some of the shares I follow.

I need to go through my own portfolio again, and work out if any of my shares are likely to be hit by China supply chain issues. I think it's worth asking companies how much they import from China. Non-food retailers like Dunelm (LON:DNLM) could be hit hard, as I reckon a lot of their stuff must come from China. They probably won't feel the impact for a few weeks, but it's probably coming. The share price already given up that big (and unjustified) spike up to over 1400p, with it now down to 1214p. It's a lovely business though, so if it does tank on supply chain issues, I'll be a buyer at some point.

China is such a large part of the global economy now, that it could impact many, even most, areas. For example, I asked management of Sosandar (LON:SOS) (in which I have a long position) if they have exposure to China, and the reassuring answer was no, only a small element of supplies are sourced from there. However, then I remembered that a lot of the world's fabrics are made in China. Therefore, there could be problems for garment manufacturers all over the world, if supplies of fabric are interrupted.

In a way, it shouldn't affect valuations much, because this virus is temporary, and business will recover. Yet it is affecting share prices of…

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