Good evening/morning, it's Paul here with Tuesday's SCVR.

Estimated timings: I'm aiming for 2pm finish. Edit at 13:37 - make that 3pm, some companies are taking longer to work through than I anticipated.
Update at 15:10 - today's report is now finished.


Reminder for Mello Virtual

This is coming up, this Fri & Sat, 10-11 July. It will be just like a normal Mello investor event, but online.

I've been roped in to comment about small caps in a panel discussion, so am looking forward to that.

David has kindly provided Stockopedia subscribers with a 50% discount code: SCVR50

Sorry if you've already paid full price (which I have too), but it's so cheap anyway, it's not worth getting into a lather about it either way.

There are some stand-out speakers, including quite a coup getting Sir Martin Sorrell as a keynote speaker! His very forthright views should be illuminating.

Pub re-openings, part 2

Expert industry sources (mostly Mark Brumby of Langton Capital) told me that the pub/restaurant re-opening is being phased, and that some operators had decided to defer Super Saturday to Manic Monday instead. Therefore, out of duty to my readership, I felt compelled to research what was happening in Bournemouth once again this Monday evening.

Pleasingly, Bigdish (LON:DISH) dining app (in which I have a >3% holding) seems to have done a soft relaunch, as I successfully booked a table for 1 (under the name of Billy Nomates!) at Nativ - a small, and basic African themed independent takeitaway/diner. To say that staff were welcoming is an understatement! They welcomed me like a long-lost friend, which was wonderful. Mind you, I have been re-reading the Dale Carnegie classic, "How To Make Friends & Influence People", which reminded me to smile and be generally affable. The results of doing that are genuinely remarkable - people respond so well to warmth. This is probably my new favourite book, having slightly eclipsed Superforecasting, which I've read twice now.

As my old PE teacher, Tim Hall, at Poole Grammar, used to say in a broad Dorzet accent, "Yer get out, what yer puts in!". He applied that to sports. He was right. I put in nothing into sports, and got nothing out. Chasing balls around a field has always struck me as mindless, and always will. But his general philosophy of…

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