Good morning, it's Paul here, with the SCVR for Weds. Please feel free to leave your comments from the 7am start of the RNS, whilst I write up the main report throughout the morning and early afternoon.

See the header above for the company announcements I'll be writing about. I generally only respond to reader requests if you put up some compelling reason why the announcement is worth me looking at. I can't cover everything single-handedly.

To get you started today, here's the link to yesterday's SCVR, which significantly exceeded market expectations with 10 companies covered in total! I added 5 more after lunch, covering: STAF, WGB, TRAK, SYS1, and TST, in addition to the other 5 companies I wrote about in the morning (VNET, D4T4, SOLI, DRV, COG).

Estimated timing - a medium workload today from the RNS, so I should be finished by 1pm or a little later.
Update at 13:21 - today's report is now finished.


Lookers (LON:LOOK) - shares suspended due to failure to publish 2019 accounts by 30 June. I might be mis-remembering, but I thought the company had secured an extension to the publication deadline? Maybe not.

Malvern International (LON:MLVN) - shares resume trading today, after a near-death experience. Small fundraising recently secured. New CEO brought in. Everything will hinge on how it can re-start operations. Very high risk, I'm not going to revisit this one, having got it wrong previously.

Walker Greenbank (LON:WGB) - a quick update. A NED has bought £19.4k-worth of shares. The CEO's husband has also just bought £20k of shares. That's helpful.

Also, Gromley and I were swapping our fag packet forecasts yesterday, in the comments section. I've now got an up-to-date broker note, which suggests a loss of £(5.5m) for FY 01/2021. This is based on a revenue assumption of -30% for the full year, which seems overly cautious to me, given that it was -35% in the first 5 months during covid. Although thinking about that, covid would have probably only affected about 3 out of those 5 months, so sales were probably down a lot more than -35% in April & May. Anyway, we have a range of forecasts, with a broker at £(5.5m) loss, Gromley at breakeven, and me at a £(3-4m) loss.


Topps Tiles (LON:TPT)

Share price:…

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