Good evening/morning. I'm posting this first section about BOO (I hold) early, on Tuesday night, while it's fresh on my mind, and so I can get this out of the way and concentrate on small caps in the morning.

Timings - I've got to attend to a meeting from 12:30 for about an hour maybe. Then lunch, then I'll carry on here- so estimated finish time of 5pm. Today's report is now finished.

Agenda (Weds morning) -

Walker Greenbank (LON:WGB) - Interim results

System1 (LON:SYS1) - Trading update

Water Intelligence (LON:WATR) - Trading update Q3

Angling Direct (LON:ANG) - Interim results

Ramsdens Holdings (LON:RFX) - Trading update - sorry. I ran out of time to look at this one, and am not familiar with the company, so it would have taken too long to look at it from scratch. I really don't like pawnbrokers anyway. The share price is up 11% today, so the market clearly likes its update.


BBC Radio 4 - "All Sewn Up"

This was a BBC investigative programme, aired on Radio 4 at 8pm on 13 Oct. A reader kindly flagged this up to me, so I listened to it & took notes, which follow below. It mentioned Boohoo (LON:BOO) (I hold), hence my interest. If BOO doesn't interest you, then please move on to the next section. I'm not entering into any discussion about why I cover BOO. I cover it, and always will. End of!

NB. As I hold shares in Boohoo (LON:BOO) I'm not impartial. I've formed a view on the Leicester supply chain issue, and obviously as I've bought more shares in BOO, then my view is that the recent share price weakness is a buying opportunity, and the supply chain issues do not in any way impact the value of the shares long-term. The company has recently reported record trading, despite the best efforts of the media to tarnish the brand.

My view remains this: BOO has admitted there are failings in its Leicester supply chain, and has already announced extensive ways to rectify the situation.

This is roughly what the Radio 4 programme said (main points I jotted down whilst listening to it, together with my comments). Apologies for any errors or omissions;


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