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Investment strategy

Buy stuff likely to go up. Sell when it fails to do so.

Position size reflects volatility and spread. I tend to ignore shares with spreads above 150 basis points, favour low spreads and ignore 'low volume' shares, by which I mean where my trades will result in a significant price movement; I don't want my trades to be the ones that set the prices and ideally want to be able to enter and exit relatively easily. The higher the spread the lower my position size. As a rule of thumb up to 10% of my portfolio for spreads less than 1% to no more than 2.5% of portfolio for spreads at 4%+ - although the investment case would have to be very strong to consider a 2.5%+ spread.

I make use of charts to identify breakouts, support (demand) and resistance (supply) as well as OHLC and candlestick variations.