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In my 40s now. History, in order, as follows......stagged privatisations in the 80's/90's with my mum.....carpet bagged building traded internet boom and luckily stopped right at the top....punted all my travelling money into HSBC during the Asian Crisis (and got out after a near 100% return in a few months and had a high old time travelling!)....drawn in by PaulyPilot's pub and won a few and lost a few without knowing why....thought PYAD was more reliable and bought for into smaller value stocks too and started meeting management and thought I knew what i was doing....won a few, lost a few, realised I didn't know what I was more recently settled with a low vol approach and a handful of high conviction more adventurous stocks.

Investment strategy

50% of portfolio is low vol Conservative, Balanced type stocks. 25% of portfolio is more Adventurous but mainly large caps 25% of portfolio is high conviction stocks where I believe that the downside is capped - generally by long term repeatable income streams.

Aiming to keep up on the rising tide, but stay ahead of the falling tide.

Pim Van Vliet / Howard Marks as inspiration.