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Investment strategy

80% of portfolio does not change very much from year to year. I try to let winners run.

20% of my portfolio, I simply trade. Stocks may be held for few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. I do break my own trading rules on occasions. Of course, I can always justify it to myself at the time.

Large companies tend to move with the market overall. They do offer liquidity to trade in and out on occasions. Micro-caps, however, are slippery creatures very much subject to random stock price movements on short-term speculation, media reports, and social media.

Investing is somewhat recreational as I enjoy it. Too much time on your hands watching markets and studying shares only make an investor possibly trade more often than needed.

I still do not know, whether I'm lucky, or have over time become an experienced trader with good tuition for share movements or simply another fool with capital still at the roulette table.

Writing articles and comments on Stockopedia is enjoyable and improves my thought processes considerably. I have opened a Twitter account @MyDeargDoom recently which may mean I sometimes able to give an instant reaction rather than a considered one.

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