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Photo of Roland Head

Roland Head

Investment analyst/writer, private investor

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I'm an investment writer and analyst, with a particular focus on quality and value. I look for stocks with above-average returns and strong cash generation - always with dividends. I also have a lingering interest in commodity stocks, although I try and keep this guilty pleasure under control. 

In earlier life, I worked as an systems engineer in telecoms and IT. The quantitative, rules-based approach required for this kind of work suits me and has certainly influenced my investing style. I also learned a lot from seeing the tech bubble deflate in 2000/1, when I was working for a large and now defunct telecoms group.

My investment focus is increasingly on developing rules-based strategies such as my Stock in Focus portfolio. This reflects a significant part of my personal portfolio and is the subject of my weekly column here at Stockopedia.

Investment strategy

I run two portfolios: the first is an all-cap portfolio with a strong bias towards quality and income. I aim to buy dividend stocks that will provide attractive opportunities for compounding over very long holding periods.

My second portfolio is the rules-based Stock in Focus Portfolio (SIF), which I run as a Stockopedia Fantasy Fund. I write a weekly column about this portfolio for Stockopedia.

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