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Stockopedia outcast, alleged harasser of Stockozens, to be terminated for disagreeableness, in no way harassed or gaslighted by anyone

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Email received from Stockopedia 8 October 2020

Dear Paul,
It has been escalated to me that multiple comments from you have been reported by the community in recent days for disruptive behaviour.
As you know, disruptive behaviour of any sort is against our posting guidelines. More than this, harassment is against the terms of use to which you have explicitly agreed on registration.
If it does continue, I’m afraid we’ll have no option but to cancel your subscription. I sincerely hope that we don’t need to take this action.
Please do take this as an official warning.
With best wishes,
(A Stockopedia employee)

INTERPRETIVE NOTE: It seems being reported for disruptive behaviour is enough to be labelled as both disruptive and harassing other people under Stockopedia posting guidelines. 

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