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Investment strategy

I know what I don't like: incompetent management - my maternal grandfather taught me that along with a few other things including: Don't buy the funds: buy the Fund Managers! Acquisitions usually destroy shareholder value - mergers are even worse. Don't gamble: buy the companies that cater to those who do. Don't borrow money: buy the companies that lend to those who do. Avoid: low margin businesses. Never forget: leverage works against you on the downside. I started buying into the American market in 2013 when an undervalued $ made it look particularly attractive. To my regret I avoided Amazon as "too expensive". I did find a market consistently offering much better quality companies at reasonable prices and today 75% of my holdings are in the USA. The quality of the offerings on the UK market has continued to decline in my opinion. I try to avoid overpaying, this is very difficult to judge with very high growth companies found in the USA. I look for quality and growth, profit will follow. My income is now the "natural" yield from my investments. Patience has proven to be my ally, procrastination my enemy.