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I had saved up as well as receiving a couple of small inheritances and was investing to accelerate the returns above the average Building Society Account, then we bought the family home so I sold everything to buy that.

I have since been saving up again and I am now at the point where I have started to do things myself rather than just have a drip feed into a ISA fund provided by Mr Smith every month.  Though in reality I would have been better off if someone had taken me to one side and I had carried on doing that this year...

This year (2020) I have also started to look after my Mum's pension (all in an ISA) and my sisters investments too...

So I have two "growth" portfolios and an income portfolio.

Investment strategy

A mixture as I have two sets of investments where they are looking for growth and slowly trying to get everything into the iSA wrapper before that closes.

I then have a pension fund (within an ISA wrapper not a SIPP) which needs to return ~5.5%/year to not touch capital.

So good growing companies, also good companies that might grow but also give out a dividend.