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I trade and invest for a living and have done so for over 11 years.

 I  design and build data models that incorporate trading rules and risk management and are  powered by  a variety of datasources.  

I publish some of these on

I have developed detailed workflows, checklists and structured ways of working to enforce my discipline and preserve and grow my capital.

 I have learned to care less about my various portfolio performances and more about the shape and slope of my total equity curve.

 I  have befriended losses and know when I am wrong.

 I'm a keen student of behavioural psychology and cognitive biases

By background I originally trained as a scientist with a doctorate in physical chemistry specializing in structure-activity relationships and computational modelling applied to complex systems (atmospheric ozone depletion).

  I worked in a variety of industries in leaderships roles both directly and as a business transformation  consultant before leaving the corporate world in my early 40s having had enough of exec lounges and long haul flights.

I live in South Devon by the sea - a keen runner, cyclist, kayaker and former multiple ironman.  Now I don't do anything longer than an off-road marathon.

Investment strategy

 I design and build models that incorporate trading rules and risk management and are powered by a variety of data sources. ( increasingly using data visualisation to facilitate analysis and spot opportunities). These produce prospects that I qualify further and then resolve into different time horizons with different capital allocations. From leveraged short-term income-generating trades, through swing trades with medium horizons to longer term wealth-creating investments in tax efficient wrappers.

I mainly trade shares though occasionally commodities and indices as hedges

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