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After having approached the investing scene at the age of 12, I decided to follow lots of different Bulletin Boards in the UK and look for the most trendy resource stocks on the market. Aged 14, I was left with little over 20% of my original investments, with most of the companies bankrupt. I came across Stockopedia in 2013 and I was intrigued by the ranking systems and screening features that were on offer. I was a devout follower of Warren Buffett and I loved the idea that I'd be able to track the shares that would fall under his investment philosophy. Having read plenty of books on Warren Buffett, and Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor I am inherently a contrarian investor. Stockopedia has given me the tools to scour the market for marked down unappreciated companies and analyse their valuation and quality characteristics. I created a fantasy fund to mirror this approach in 2015, to see how the strategy would work, and after continued market out-performance, I have integrated this strategy into my personal investing life. 

In 2015, I flew from Dubai, where I attended school for my GCSE's and A-Levels, to the UK in April, to attend the UK Investor Show. This was where Ed and the Stockopedia team would be presenting the site to investors, and the perfect opportunity for me to speak to them and ask for an internship. After some conversations with Alex and Ed, they agreed for me to come for an internship in the summer. After such a rewarding experience I was fortunate enough to return again as a research analyst. During my second internship, I learned about technical chart analysis, contributed to various help pages on the website, and helped with the research for the eBook "Profit Warnings - the ultimate investor survival guide". 

I have since carried out a series of internships with Stockopedia, working within the Product, Growth, Marketing & Support teams. I am delighted to be on my fifth internship with the company,  carrying out a year-long placement as part of my BSc in Banking, Finance and Management at Loughborough University, due to complete in summer 2022. 

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