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I am a keen & experienced investor. I love my spread sheets, and like to think that I know what I am doing. I wouldn't be offended to be described as a bit geeky. Mostly I do well, but I always strive to do better.

Married male. Born 1957 England. Good career in industry for 35 years.

Been successfully investing for about 30 years.

I chose to retire  from salaried employment at age 57 to look after my investments.

I consider myself to be quite analytical / logical / mathematical, but also take into account how the world is likely to change & how people behave.

I always follow my processes before taking action. 

Investment strategy

Invest for capital growth. Typical approaches would be growth at a reasonable price OR undervalued shares which I expect to appreciate in value in the next 12 months. If my shares are continuing to drop, then sell to prevent further losses so as to preserve my capital.