Photo of Jack Brumby
Photo of Jack Brumby

Jack Brumby

Equity Analyst, private investor

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I'm looking for compounding investments.

I started off in Leisure - a part of the market I still love, but an area where stocks can appear "cheap" for years without going anywhere. It made me realise that valuation is only one part of the puzzle. 

Now I sift through a much broader universe of stocks in search of small, high quality operators with large addressable markets, strong and maintainable margins, and clear share price catalysts. 

CFA charterholder.

Investment strategy

When I think I've found a high growth company, I'm happy to hold for a long time. I keep a mix of QM and VM stocks that have clear earnings and share price catalysts to drive growth . Balance sheet health is important to me (either strong or rapidly improving), as are high returns, strong cash generation, and a company culture that values its shareholders.

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