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Private investor actively managing his share portfolio (The Boon Fund) as a hobby while still working 9-to-5!

See The Boon Fund on Substack for updates from 2024 onwards.

See my Stockopedia articles for my monthly holding and my thoughts (up until Dec23).

+9.7% Performance in 2023 (compared to +3.8% for All-FTSE)

+12.0% Performance in 2022 (compared to -3.4% for All-FTSE)

+21.6% Performance in 2021 (compared to +14.6% for All-FTSE)

Investment strategy

UK-only investor, with a preference for smaller caps. As I work full-time and investing is a side hobby, my target is to hold between 10-15 shares at any one time. Not too concentrated, but also not too diversified (otherwise I would be better off saving time by investing in an index tracker).

Aim is to generate +8% or more annually above the benchmark, which for me is the All-FTSE index.

See the "About the Boon Fund" page on my Substack for a high level breakdown of my value-contrarian investment approach.

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