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Business Consultant and Manager, Private Investor

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Working at a senior level in an FX business with responsibility for risk and regulatory compliance I also have two non-exec positions .   One of these is a very exciting early stage SportsTech start-up .   Strategic business transformation  is the theme running through my career typically applying technology to create strategic advantage.  I've been an investor for over twenty years starting from scratch to build a seven figure portfolio.   

I'm fascinated by eMarkets, payments, financial crime and identity management.   

Investment strategy

Fundamentalist investor

  • with a focus on Strategy and Quality:  My approach is to focus in-depth on a relatively small number of stocks with a further group of smaller share holdings that are candidates for scale-up.  

I thus run a very concentrated portfolio. my current tier one holdings are Entain (ENT), Unite Group (UTG),  Bioventix (BVXP), Burford (BUR), Ergomed (ERGO), Sage (SGE), Ideagen (IDEA).  Tier two holdings: Manolete (MANO),  Rosenblatt (RBGP), Jarvis Securities (JIM),  and most recently Zoo Digital (ZOO) and BEEKS (BKS).  

Time horizon: Very long-term.

Strategic focus: Looking for companies with long-term strategic competitive advantage.  Sector agnostic.   

My Investment Criteria are: Growth Stocks: in a Growing market; with Excellent Management and strong Strategy (i.e GEMS).   Value Stocks: looking for hidden value with good dividend yield.  

Activist in nature, I like to meet the directors and I support strongly ShareSoc’s goals of greater shareholder democracy/advocacy.

Investment Style:  Long-term strategic, I like to take an opportunistic advantage of Mr Market's short-term herd mentality and happy to be contrarian.

I do not short.