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Background in IT and Renewable Energy.

Investment strategy

I am a long term investor and I have been investing in the UK stock market since the last century!!!

I have learnt that what works best for my style of investing and which allows me to sleep at night is to invest in:

High Quality companies, which make a Profit, growing their EPS, have a Healthy Balance sheet and which have a Tail Wind (aka Momentum) behind them.  As Paul knows, I don't invest in  'Jam Tomorrow' or 'Blue Sky' companies which don't make a profit and which keep sucking money out of shareholders through share dilution by promising to deliver the world but never do.  ;-)

I am a systematic investor who logically analyses the fundamental and technical  data which is available on Stockopedia.  

I don't bother with forums, bulletin boards, newspapers, story stocks, etc.

I don't bother with companies below £20 million market cap, I don't bother with IPOs  ( It's Probably Overpriced!!! ),  I don't bother with Gearing, I don't bother with Shorting.