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Photo of Paul Hill

Paul Hill

Full time investor, analyst & capital markets commentator

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Stocks owned : EQLS, AGFX, Pfizer, Bristol Myers, Roche, WATR,  MBH, ASTO, TR25, ESYS, ELCO, IHC, Paypal, PMI & AOM

Elsewhere, I'm also paid by Vox Markets (as a contractor) to interview  interview fund managers, capital market experts & companies (re EQLS, VRCI, BELL, SED, CSFS, AVG, AVCT, LLAI, VLG, FADL,  SUP, ELCO, LORD & ONC). I believe all these stocks are clients of Vox.

Lastly my 24 year HIT RATE is only 62.5%. Meaning37.5% of the time I lose money (ie often wrong) - albeit my winners are (on average) 1.7x larger than my losers. Please Do Your Own Research.

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