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Private Invester, bodger, woodsman, scythesman, sometime tinkerer with old landrovers and recalictrant spacecraft

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Educated as a scientist, trained as an engineer and dragged into management. After some years as a company director decided on a change and worked in the woods  while enjoying investing.  These days I spend more time researching and investing.

Investment strategy

On a journey from value to growth at value prices.  I invest in UK stocks primarily small caps. To find overlooked growth  at low prices I tend to be looking at turnarounds and contrarian shares and I strongly prefer cash generative companies without debts unless there are compelling reasons otherwise. Generally fully invested I find the discipline of deciding what to sell in order to buy benefits my decision making.  Timing the market and trading are not my strengths, I try to utilise my experience in science and engineering, industry and academia, management and board rooms to help me evaluate companies that will survive the increasingly volatile environment and prosper.  I'll let you know when I succeed!