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20+ years experience of investing and trading. Learnt a lot through hard knocks!

Investment strategy

Varied. I invest in a mixture of Q, V & M stocks, but also short those that i feel are overvalued. (ShareProphets is a great resource for shorts).

Don't just rely on shares. I also trade Gold, major FX, Volatility Index, Sector Indices etc, where i feel i can identify value.

Currently quite bearish on the markets on macro factors, so 50% gold, 40% long, 10 short in SIPP/ISA.

Spread bet account is mainly shorts, either individual stocks or via PUT options on major indices. Also like to buy Volatility index when it reaches lows.

Number 1 tip: Never get emotionally attached to a share!

Number 2 tip: Use stop losses and don't bet what you can't afford to lose!