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I have been investing for a long time, but have become more serious about my investments over the last 3 years and am looking to use Stockopedia tools and info. to help maximise my gains.

I have a Portfolio of 14 Buy and hold companies: 3 US, 1 European and 10 UK.  I have held one for 20 years and one for 14 years.

In the last few months I have added a growth portfolio (at least I hope they will grow!) .  It is now up to 6 stocks.

More recently Oct 2018, I have reverted to cash for a substantial part of my portfolio (over 2/3rds).  I'm now looking for bargains and opportunities to reinvest.

Investment strategy

Was pure Value. Now moving towards value with low debt and high EPS growth potential. Just started a separate, pure-growth portfolio. Strategy is too long to detail here, But I learned value from reading Ben Graham, entry and exit timing from Nicolas Darvas & Mark Minervini and growth from Jim Stater.

Now trying to incorporate more technical analysis, over-layed on my Fundamental approach. Still learning and enjoying it.