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Most of my career has been in the finance sector after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (since retired). I have always had a keen interest in the stock markets and invest primarily in the UK markets. I would describe my investing style as a cross between a trader / investor and place more weight on technical analysis but back up with Chair Person's reports and since joining Stockopedia the Stock Ranks.The most important info to me is the business the coy is in, and one that I understand.

Investment strategy

My career has been involved with the people business in banking, fund management, investment banking and with lawyers. Most of my successful picks have involved coys that generate fees and have the oppportunity to leverage their businesses. Law firms are a classic example and have proved profitable. No portfolio would be complete without one or two mining coys. I go for the strategic metals for long term holds , keeping an eye on the underlying charts of those metals and then follow the trends using moving average cross overs to make the decisions for me 90 % of the time.