Top Healthcare stocks in Asia

Manufacturers, developers and marketers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, as well as advanced therapeutic treatments and devices, and providers of healthcare facilities and medical research and development.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4519Chugai Pharmaceutical Co¥9tn25.181.54%
jp flag icon4568Daiichi Sankyo Co¥8tn53.340.85%
jp flag icon4502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co¥7tn23.064.41%
kr flag icon207940Samsung Biologics CoKR₩51tn54.2n/a
jp flag icon7741Hoya¥6tn35.270.67%
in flag iconSUNPHARMASun Pharmaceutical IndustriesIN₹2.95tn32.970.93%
hk flag icon2269WuXi Biologics (Cayman)HK$185.10bn41.47n/a
jp flag icon4543Terumo¥4tn35.340.91%
jp flag icon4901Fujifilm Holdings¥3tn14.671.61%
jp flag icon4503Astellas Pharma¥3tn43.033.6%
jp flag icon4578Otsuka Holdings Co¥3tn13.071.75%
jp flag icon7733Olympus¥3tn48.880.73%
kr flag icon068270CelltrionKR₩23tn37.80.22%
jp flag icon4523Eisai Co¥2tn45.982.08%
jp flag icon4507Shionogi & Co¥2tn9.52.13%
in flag iconDIVISLABDivi's LaboratoriesIN₹1.01tn75.60.79%
hk flag icon3692Hansoh PharmaceuticalHK$94.22bn33.650.76%
in flag iconCIPLACiplaIN₹973.42bn27.190.7%
in flag iconDRREDDYDr Reddy's LaboratoriesIN₹957.30bn18.890.7%
jp flag icon6869Sysmex¥2tn37.251.02%