Top Basic Materials stocks in Asia

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co¥10tn16.992.01%
in flag iconASIANPAINTAsian PaintsIN₹3.01tn59.180.84%
kr flag icon051910LG ChemKR₩40tn20.27n/a
in flag iconULTRACEMCOUltraTech CementIN₹2.47tn43.350.44%
kr flag icon005490Posco HoldingsKR₩36tn22.112.01%
in flag iconJSWSTEELJSW SteelIN₹1.90tn21.240.43%
jp flag icon5401Nippon Steel¥3tn5.114.76%
in flag iconTATASTEELTATA SteelIN₹1.54tnn/a2.86%
jp flag icon4612Nippon Paint Holdings Co¥3tn24.931.02%
kr flag icon003670Posco Future M CoKR₩24tn275.180.1%
tw flag icon1303Nan Ya PlasticsTWD540.88bn97.034.4%
tw flag icon1301Formosa PlasticsTWD519.44bn209.355.15%
in flag iconGRASIMGrasim IndustriesIN₹1.28tn19.330.51%
in flag iconPIDILITINDPidilite IndustriesIN₹1.27tn84.620.44%
in flag iconHINDZINCHindustan ZincIN₹1.27tn15.572.33%
kr flag icon086520ECOPRO CoKR₩18tn336.680.07%
in flag iconHINDALCOHindalCo IndustriesIN₹1.14tn13.110.59%
tw flag icon2002China SteelTWD399.10bnn/a3.86%
tw flag icon1326Formosa Chemicals & FibreTWD374.34bn367.11.48%
jp flag icon4091Nippon Sanso Holdings¥2tn20.460.98%