Top Basic Materials stocks in Greece

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gr flag iconVIOViohalco SA€1.49bn5.282.08%
gr flag iconELHAElvalhalcor Hellenic Copper and Aluminium Industry SA€675.43m8.783.33%
gr flag iconPLAKRCrete Plastics SA€421.64m9.572.92%
gr flag iconFLEXOFlexopack SA€93.77m6.581.89%
gr flag iconALMYAlumil Aluminium Industry SA€76.50m16.67n/a
gr flag iconELTONElton International Trading SA€61.75m5.175.19%
gr flag iconIKTINIktinos Hellas Greek Marble Industry SA€59.76mn/an/a
gr flag iconELSTRElastron SA€53.02m4.567.01%
gr flag iconDAIOSDaios Plastics SA€49.50m7.61n/a
gr flag iconSIDMASidma Steel SA€31.92m4.66n/a
gr flag iconMATHIOMathios Refractory SA€12.77mn/an/a
gr flag iconXYLEKInterwood Xylemboria ATENE€11.90m6.25n/a
gr flag iconKORDEKordellou Bros SA€11.29m4.74n/a
gr flag iconAKRITAkritas SA€8.45m11.62n/a
gr flag iconMPITRBitros Holding SA€7.92mn/an/a
gr flag iconPROFKPipe Works L Girakian Profil SA€5.58m32.08n/a
gr flag iconPAIRE Pairis SA€5.47m7.33n/a
gr flag iconLEBEKN Leventeris SA€3.27mn/an/a
gr flag iconVISVIS Containers Manufacturing SA€1.60mn/an/a