Top Basic Materials stocks in Australia

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
au flag iconBHPBHPAU$287.33bn8.0612.74%
au flag iconRIORio TintoAU$162.49bn5.111.39%
au flag iconFMGFortescue MetalsAU$52.30bn4.0118.81%
au flag iconS32South32AU$17.95bn7.994.58%
au flag iconNCMNewcrest MiningAU$16.54bn12.423.5%
au flag iconBXBBramblesAU$15.56bn20.272.83%
au flag iconJHXJames Hardie IndustriesAU$14.27bn21.471.36%
au flag iconMINMineral ResourcesAU$8.71bn11.263.78%
au flag iconLYCLynas Rare EarthsAU$8.09bn29.72n/a
au flag iconNSTNorthern Star ResourcesAU$7.93bn5.012.86%
au flag iconBSLBluescope SteelAU$7.72bn3.183.17%
au flag iconIGOIGOAU$7.44bn46.711.53%
au flag iconHASDAHastings Technology MetalsAU$7.04bnn/an/a
au flag iconPLSPilbara MineralsAU$6.67bn48.89n/a
au flag iconAKEAllkemAU$6.53bnn/an/a
au flag iconORIOricaAU$6.47bn18.041.86%
au flag iconIPLIncitec PivotAU$6.47bn8.475.5%
au flag iconOZLOZ MineralsAU$5.77bn9.971.5%
au flag iconAWCAluminaAU$4.21bn12.846.2%
au flag iconEVNEvolution MiningAU$4.06bn17.923.36%