Top Basic Materials stocks in United Kingdom

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconRIORio Tinto£85.59bn9.466.36%
gb flag iconGLENGlencore£58.36bn13.972.09%
gb flag iconAALAnglo American£32.05bn12.253.08%
gb flag iconANTOAntofagasta£21.94bn120.961.27%
gb flag iconMNDIMondi£7.00bn15.664.21%
gb flag iconSMDSDS Smith£5.81bn15.624.28%
gb flag iconCRDACroda International£5.69bn26.332.68%
gb flag iconFRESFresnillo£4.57bn22.110.71%
gb flag iconJMATJohnson Matthey£3.09bn15.324.55%
gb flag iconHILSHill & Smith£1.71bn20.912.02%
gb flag iconRHIMRHI Magnesita NV£1.70bn11.474.2%
gb flag iconCEYCentamin£1.51bn20.742.37%
gb flag iconBREEBreedon£1.43bn12.823.25%
gb flag iconVCTVictrex£997.42m15.65.2%
gb flag iconPOLYPolymetal International PK£1.02bn5.16n/a
gb flag iconHOCHochschild Mining£976.44m17.54n/a
gb flag iconELMElementis£894.14m17.04n/a
gb flag iconMSLHMarshalls£889.19m14.822.36%
gb flag iconIBSTIbstock£754.41m18.423.65%
gb flag iconSRCSigmaroc£741.38m12.89n/a