Top Basic Materials stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon005490Posco HoldingsKR₩41tn23.021.68%
kr flag icon051910LG ChemKR₩39tn24.482.01%
kr flag icon003670Posco Future M CoKR₩28tn224.570.08%
kr flag icon086520ECOPRO CoKR₩24tn136.520.05%
kr flag icon010130Korea ZincKR₩10tn16.495.93%
kr flag icon001570Kumyang CoKR₩7tnn/an/a
kr flag icon011170Lotte ChemicalKR₩6tn331.072.55%
kr flag icon066970L&F CoKR₩6tn56.250.29%
kr flag icon004020HYUNDAI STEEL COKR₩5tn9.192.63%
kr flag icon005070Cosmo Advanced Materials & Technology CoKR₩5tn220.16n/a
kr flag icon003410SsangyongC&E CoKR₩3tn27.146.56%
kr flag icon011790SKC CoKR₩3tnn/a1.45%
kr flag icon006740Youngpoong Paper Mfg CoKR₩2tn833.180.5%
kr flag icon014680Hansol Chemical CoKR₩2tn14.31.25%
kr flag icon002380KCCKR₩2tnn/a3.25%
kr flag icon357780SoulBrain CoKR₩2tn12.30.87%
kr flag icon005290Dongjin Semichem CoKR₩2tn11.340.39%
kr flag icon121600Advanced Nano Products CoKR₩2tn89.630.19%
kr flag icon010060OCI Holdings CoKR₩2tn1.713.73%
kr flag icon006110Sama Aluminium CoKR₩2tn100.680.25%