Top Chemicals stocks in Korea, Republic of

Producers and refiners of agricultural, commodity and specialty chemicals.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon051910LG ChemKR₩41tn25.981.9%
kr flag icon086520ECOPRO CoKR₩26tn147.270.05%
kr flag icon001570Kumyang CoKR₩7tnn/an/a
kr flag icon066970L&F CoKR₩6tn58.360.28%
kr flag icon011170Lotte ChemicalKR₩6tn337.832.5%
kr flag icon005070Cosmo Advanced Materials & Technology CoKR₩5tn230.91n/a
kr flag icon011790SKC CoKR₩3tnn/a1.39%
kr flag icon002380KCCKR₩2tnn/a3.11%
kr flag icon014680Hansol Chemical CoKR₩2tn14.231.26%
kr flag icon357780SoulBrain CoKR₩2tn12.080.89%
kr flag icon121600Advanced Nano Products CoKR₩2tn96.850.17%
kr flag icon005290Dongjin Semichem CoKR₩2tn10.970.4%
kr flag icon010060OCI Holdings CoKR₩2tn1.733.7%
kr flag icon005420Cosmo Chemical CoKR₩2tnn/an/a
kr flag icon004000Lotte Fine Chemical CoKR₩1tn5.425.98%
kr flag icon278280Chunbo CoKR₩1tnn/a0.38%
kr flag icon078600Daejoo Electronic Materials CoKR₩1tnn/a0.11%
kr flag icon457190ISU Specialty Chemical CoKR₩1tnn/an/a
kr flag icon285130SK Chemicals CoKR₩1tn9.362.49%
kr flag icon213420Duk San Neolux CoKR₩1tn31.36n/a