Top Consumer Defensives stocks in Korea, Republic of

Producers, processors and retailers of food, tobacco and beverages, and manufacturers of household and personal products, as well as providers of personal services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon090430AmorepacificKR₩11tn62.320.59%
kr flag icon033780KT&GKR₩10tn10.95.97%
kr flag icon097950CJ CheilJedangKR₩6tn12.681.47%
kr flag icon051900LG H&H CoKR₩6tn23.980.99%
kr flag icon003230Samyang Foods CoKR₩5tn27.830.33%
kr flag icon271560OrionKR₩4tn9.131.36%
kr flag icon001040CjKR₩3tn14.682.54%
kr flag icon004370Nongshim CoKR₩3tn15.271.1%
kr flag icon002790AmorepacificKR₩2tn25.830.81%
kr flag icon007070GS Retail CoKR₩2tn18.912.34%
kr flag icon278470APR CoKR₩2tn23.87n/a
kr flag icon192820CosmaxKR₩2tn29.490.28%
kr flag icon026960Dong Suh CompaniesKR₩2tn124.06%
kr flag icon282330BGF Retail CoKR₩2tn9.353.95%
kr flag icon139480E-MartKR₩2tnn/a3.46%
kr flag icon007310OttogiKR₩1tn8.922.07%
kr flag icon280360Lotte WellFood CoKR₩1tn16.861.8%
kr flag icon161890Kolmar Korea CoKR₩1tn25.241.01%
kr flag icon000080HiteJinro CoKR₩1tn26.294.65%
kr flag icon005300Lotte Chilsung Beverage CoKR₩1tn10.982.68%