Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Korea, Republic of

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon033780KT&GKR₩10tn9.755.9%
kr flag icon097950CJ CheilJedangKR₩7tn10.321.44%
kr flag icon271560OrionKR₩4tn14.380.7%
kr flag icon026960Dong Suh CompaniesKR₩3tn21.912.71%
kr flag icon001040CjKR₩2tn10.782.85%
kr flag icon004370Nongshim CoKR₩2tn14.191.38%
kr flag icon007310OttogiKR₩2tn12.451.65%
kr flag icon280360Lotte Confectionery CoKR₩1tn22.641.3%
kr flag icon016790CanariaBioKR₩1tn1660.120.06%
kr flag icon001800ORION HoldingsKR₩908bn9.814.3%
kr flag icon003230Samyang Foods CoKR₩877bn14.280.85%
kr flag icon003380Harim Holdings CoKR₩837bn2.281.11%
kr flag icon001680DaesangKR₩800bn9.653.46%
kr flag icon006040Dongwon Industries CoKR₩791bn3.882.16%
kr flag icon200130KolmarBNH CoKR₩789bn12.991.44%
kr flag icon005610SPC Samlip CoKR₩702bn15.331.73%
kr flag icon049770Dongwon F & B CoKR₩631bn9.022.14%
kr flag icon000070Samyang HoldingsKR₩553bn2.764.03%
kr flag icon017810Pulmuone CoKR₩518bn36.10.72%
kr flag icon267980Maeil Dairies CoKR₩445bn6.752%