Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Hong Kong

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon2319China Mengniu Dairy CoHK$101.85bn18.97n/a
hk flag icon151Want Want China HoldingsHK$61.06bn16.994.61%
hk flag icon322Tingyi (Cayman Islands) HoldingHK$60.85bn19.752.25%
hk flag icon288WHHK$52.09bn3.827.39%
hk flag icon3799Dali Foods CoHK$51.08bn15.453.17%
hk flag icon6969Smoore International HoldingsHK$43.18bn21.831.78%
hk flag icon6186China FeiheHK$40.35bn7.676.65%
hk flag icon9985Weilong Delicious Global HoldingsHK$16.81bn16.533.53%
hk flag icon142First Pacific CoHK$13.91bn3.466.7%
hk flag icon1579Yihai International HoldingHK$13.35bn13.99n/a
hk flag icon546FufengHK$11.16bn3.0911.39%
hk flag icon6689Chongqing Hongjiu Fruit CoHK$8.36bn5.4n/a
hk flag icon1610COFCO Joycome FoodsHK$7.84bn191.57n/a
hk flag icon775CK Life Sciences Intl (Holdings)HK$6.63bn63.951.16%
hk flag icon1112Health and Happiness (H&H) International HoldingsHK$6.46bn8.137.94%
hk flag icon1458Zhou Hei Ya International HoldingsHK$6.41bn89.39n/a
hk flag icon1475Nissin Foods CoHK$6.19bn18.582.56%
hk flag icon1117China Modern Dairy HoldingsHK$5.94bnn/a1.97%
hk flag icon1230Yashili International HoldingsHK$5.69bnn/an/a
hk flag icon9858China Youran DairyHK$5.58bnn/a1.59%