Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Norway

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
no flag iconMOWIMowi ASANOK111.02bn24.863.08%
no flag iconORKOrkla ASANOK86.50bn15.413.6%
no flag iconSALMSalMar ASANOK79.09bn26.372.98%
no flag iconLSGLeroy Seafood ASANOK40.70bn19.673.66%
no flag iconBAKKAP/F BakkafrostNOK36.36bn40.961.11%
no flag iconAUSSAustevoll Seafood ASANOK22.32bn20.894.07%
no flag iconGSFGrieg Seafood ASANOK14.56bn24.242.31%
no flag iconNTSNTS ASANOK14.52bn14.82n/a
no flag iconNRSNorway Royal Salmon ASANOK10.68bn26.21n/a
no flag iconMASMasoval ASNOK5.53bn33.45n/a
no flag iconISLAXIcelandic Salmon ASNOK5.29bn106.4n/a
no flag iconAKBMAker Biomarine ASANOK4.55bn24.56n/a
no flag iconFROYFroy ASANOK4.05bn27.853.2%
no flag iconAFISHArctic Fish Holding ASNOK3.12bn20.96n/a
no flag iconSALMESalmon Evolution ASANOK2.82bnn/an/a
no flag iconAKVAAkva ASANOK2.57bn126.14n/a
no flag iconASAAtlantic Sapphire ASANOK2.02bnn/an/a
no flag iconANDFAndfjord Salmon ASNOK1.83bnn/an/a
no flag iconIFISHIce Fish Farm ASNOK1.43bn572.11n/a
no flag iconKINGKingfish NVNOK1.32bnn/an/a