Top Financials stocks in Norway

Operators of commercial and investment banks, investment trusts and financial markets, as well as providers of investment, insurance and real estate services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
no flag iconDNBDnb Bank ASANOK305.64bn8.17.94%
no flag iconGJFGjensidige Forsikring ASANOK91.79bn22.354.77%
no flag iconSTBStorebrand ASANOK49.35bn15.733.68%
no flag iconSRBNKSparebank 1 SR Bank ASANOK35.88bn7.945.52%
no flag iconOLTOlav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASANOK22.93bnn/a3.1%
no flag iconMINGSparebank 1 SMNNOK21.43bn8.528.08%
no flag iconENTRAEntra ASANOK20.33bnn/an/a
no flag iconPROTProtector Forsikring ASANOK20.20bn15.073.67%
no flag iconSPOLSparebank 1 OstlandetNOK15.46bn9.425.84%
no flag iconSVEGSparebanken VestNOK14.11bn8.885.83%
no flag iconNONGSparebank 1 Nord-NorgeNOK10.02bn8.87.01%
no flag iconSOONSparebank 1 Sorost-NorgeNOK9.65bn11.565.62%
no flag iconSORSparebanken SorNOK6.36bn8.756.55%
no flag iconRINGSparebank 1 Ringerike HadelandNOK4.60bn9.756.8%
no flag iconPARBPareto Bank ASANOK4.51bn7.466.63%
no flag iconTRETreasure ASANOK4.20bn4.75.86%
no flag iconMORGSparebanken MoreNOK4.18bn7.398.85%
no flag iconSOAGSparebank 1 Ostfold AkershusNOK4.17bn8.646.38%
no flag iconSSGSelf Storage ASANOK3.74bnn/an/a
no flag iconSBOSelvaag Bolig ASANOK3.71bn15.775.05%