Top Financials stocks in Denmark

Operators of commercial and investment banks, investment trusts and financial markets, as well as providers of investment, insurance and real estate services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
dk flag iconDANSKEDanske Bank A/SDKK166.80bn7.687.47%
dk flag iconTRYGTryg A/SDKK90.33bn21.155.06%
dk flag iconJYSKJyske Bank A/SDKK33.64bn5.921.49%
dk flag iconRILBARingkjoebing Landbobank A/SDKK31.12bn14.380.86%
dk flag iconSIMSIMCORP A/SDKK28.78bn35.251.03%
dk flag iconTOPTopdanmark A/SDKK27.78bn26.413.67%
dk flag iconALMBALM. Brand A/SDKK20.19bn22.624.19%
dk flag iconSYDBSydbank A/SDKK17.94bn5.85.23%
dk flag iconSPNOSpar Nord Bank A/SDKK13.91bn5.978.46%
dk flag iconJDANJeudan A/SDKK12.02bnn/a1.38%
dk flag iconVJBAVestjysk Bank A/SDKK5.78bn5.798.95%
dk flag iconSPKSJFSparekassen Sjaelland-Fyn A/SDKK3.70bn6.513.69%
dk flag iconLASPLaan & Spar Bank A/SDKK2.40bn4.99n/a
dk flag iconDABDanske Andelskassers Bank A/SDKK2.40bn9.961.71%
dk flag iconBNORDIK CSEBankNordik P/FDKK1.72bn6.3214.47%
dk flag iconSKJESkjern Bank A/SDKK1.60bn6.353%
dk flag iconDJURDjurslands Bank A/SDKK1.47bn6.125.5%
dk flag iconGRLAGroenlandsbanken A/SDKK1.21bn7.122.99%
dk flag iconFYNBKFynske Bank A/SDKK1.17bn8.020.86%
dk flag iconKREKreditbanken A/SDKK790.54m7.11.06%