Top Banking Services stocks in Denmark

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
dk flag iconDANSKEDanske Bank A/SDKK166.80bn7.687.47%
dk flag iconJYSKJyske Bank A/SDKK33.64bn5.921.49%
dk flag iconRILBARingkjoebing Landbobank A/SDKK31.12bn14.380.86%
dk flag iconSYDBSydbank A/SDKK17.94bn5.85.23%
dk flag iconSPNOSpar Nord Bank A/SDKK13.91bn5.978.46%
dk flag iconVJBAVestjysk Bank A/SDKK5.78bn5.798.95%
dk flag iconSPKSJFSparekassen Sjaelland-Fyn A/SDKK3.70bn6.513.69%
dk flag iconLASPLaan & Spar Bank A/SDKK2.40bn4.99n/a
dk flag iconDABDanske Andelskassers Bank A/SDKK2.40bn9.961.71%
dk flag iconBNORDIK CSEBankNordik P/FDKK1.72bn6.3214.47%
dk flag iconSKJESkjern Bank A/SDKK1.60bn6.353%
dk flag iconDJURDjurslands Bank A/SDKK1.47bn6.125.5%
dk flag iconGRLAGroenlandsbanken A/SDKK1.21bn7.122.99%
dk flag iconFYNBKFynske Bank A/SDKK1.17bn8.020.86%
dk flag iconKREKreditbanken A/SDKK790.54m7.11.06%
dk flag iconTOTATotalbanken A/SDKK744.80m8.03n/a
dk flag iconLOLBLollands Bank A/SDKK631.80m2.180.85%
dk flag iconNRDFNordfyns Bank A/SDKK575.00m6.87n/a
dk flag iconMNBAMoens Bank A/SDKK458.00m5.730.87%
dk flag iconHVIDHvidbjerg Bank A/SDKK189.86m6.59n/a