Top Banking Services stocks in Japan

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8306Mitsubishi UFJ Financial¥18tn10.412.45%
jp flag icon8316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial¥11tn113.22%
jp flag icon8411Mizuho Financial¥7tn10.563.38%
jp flag icon7182Japan Post Bank Co¥6tn16.383.25%
jp flag icon8591Orix¥4tn12.362.77%
jp flag icon8309Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings¥2tn20.053.7%
jp flag icon8308Resona Holdings¥2tn12.52.65%
jp flag icon8593Mitsubishi HC Capital¥1tn12.783.48%
jp flag icon7186Concordia Financial¥856bn17.592.79%
jp flag icon8331Chiba Bank¥855bn13.912.35%
jp flag icon8439Tokyo Century¥760bn10.312.77%
jp flag icon8354Fukuoka Financial¥688bn15.143.02%
jp flag icon8572Acom Co¥602bn11.362.86%
jp flag icon8303SBI Shinsei Bank¥565bn8.820.43%
jp flag icon5838Rakuten Bank¥469bn14.29n/a
jp flag icon8253Credit Saison Co¥466bn5.032.45%
jp flag icon8252Marui Co¥464bn20.923.2%
jp flag icon8359Hachijuni Bank¥427bn21.612.26%
jp flag icon7167Mebuki Financial¥421bn14.142.58%
jp flag icon7180Kyushu Financial¥416bn17.141.56%