Top Industrials stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and commercial supplies, providers of related services, such as diversified trading, distribution operations and transportation services as well as providers of professional information services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6861Keyence¥11tn36.460.44%
jp flag icon6367Daikin Industries¥6tn24.960.92%
jp flag icon6098Recruit Holdings Co¥6tn21.460.54%
jp flag icon6501Hitachi¥6tn11.721.97%
jp flag icon8058Mitsubishi¥6tn5.763.93%
jp flag icon8001Itochu¥5tn6.72.98%
jp flag icon6594Nidec¥5tn34.510.8%
jp flag icon6981Murata Manufacturing Co¥5tn14.511.81%
jp flag icon8031Mitsui & Co¥5tn4.893.71%
jp flag icon6954Fanuc¥4tn25.792.31%
jp flag icon6273SMC¥4tn20.241.27%
jp flag icon6503Mitsubishi Electric¥3tn14.972.76%
jp flag icon9022Central Japan Railway Co¥3tnn/a0.84%
jp flag icon6301Komatsu¥3tn12.463.23%
jp flag icon9020East Japan Railway Co¥3tnn/a1.47%
jp flag icon6971Kyocera¥3tn16.872.56%
jp flag icon6201Toyota Industries¥2tn13.712.12%
jp flag icon6326Kubota¥2tn13.782.12%
jp flag icon6502Toshiba¥2tn12.352.02%
jp flag icon8053Sumitomo¥2tn4.825.97%