Top Industrials stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and commercial supplies, providers of related services, such as diversified trading, distribution operations and transportation services as well as providers of professional information services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6971Kyocera¥3tn23.752.61%
jp flag icon9735Secom Co¥2tn20.341.79%
jp flag icon9101Nippon Yusen KK¥2tn2.8312.4%
jp flag icon6762TDK¥2tn22.451.92%
jp flag icon6502Toshiba¥2tn53.931.3%
jp flag icon9104Mitsui O.S.K. Lines¥2tn2.7612.41%
jp flag icon9021West Japan Railway Co¥2tn23.921.92%
jp flag icon9202ANA Holdings¥2tn14.54n/a
jp flag icon6506Yaskawa Electric¥1tn27.171.16%
jp flag icon9107Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha¥1tn3.187.39%
jp flag icon6645Omron¥1tn17.381.45%
jp flag icon9201Japan Airlines Co¥1tn17.110.83%
jp flag icon9042Hankyu Hanshin Holdings¥1tn18.680.96%
jp flag icon9143SG Holdings Co¥1tn10.942.55%
jp flag icon7911Toppan¥1tn16.571.22%
jp flag icon1812Kajima¥1tn11.122.8%
jp flag icon9005Tokyu¥1tn25.730.83%
jp flag icon6383Daifuku Co¥1tn23.661.29%
jp flag icon6305Hitachi Construction Machinery Co¥1tn12.362.28%
jp flag icon6586Makita¥1tn83.620.55%