Top Industrials stocks in Sweden

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and commercial supplies, providers of related services, such as diversified trading, distribution operations and transportation services as well as providers of professional information services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconATCO BAtlas Copco ABSEK565.33bn25.150.91%
se flag iconATCO AAtlas Copco ABSEK565.33bn28.020.82%
se flag iconVOLV AVolvo ABSEK380.26bn10.646.95%
se flag iconVOLV BVolvo ABSEK380.26bn10.317.17%
se flag iconSANDSandvik ABSEK227.61bn17.252.62%
se flag iconEPI AEpiroc ABSEK212.85bn27.570.85%
se flag iconEPI BEpiroc ABSEK212.85bn24.810.94%
se flag iconNIBE BNibe Industrier ABSEK202.21bn60.650.5%
se flag iconLATO BInvestment AB LatourSEK155.48bn32.11.36%
se flag iconALFAAlfa Laval ABSEK124.95bn25.21.99%
se flag iconSKF ASKF ABSEK89.34bn14.193.57%
se flag iconSKF BSKF ABSEK89.34bn11.974.23%
se flag iconINDTIndutrade ABSEK86.89bn36.30.96%
se flag iconSKA BSkanska ABSEK70.39bn11.575.85%
se flag iconTREL BTrelleborg ABSEK63.52bn21.642.29%
se flag iconBEIJ BBeijer Ref AB (publ)SEK58.78bn500.32%
se flag iconSAAB BSaab ABSEK49.34bn27.591.31%
se flag iconADDT BAddtech ABSEK46.00bn39.391.06%
se flag iconSWEC ASweco AB (publ)SEK40.70bn26.772.16%
se flag iconSWEC BSweco AB (publ)SEK40.70bn26.442.19%