Top Consumer Cyclicals stocks in Sweden

Manufacturers of automobiles, household goods, textiles and other products, as well as homebuilders and retailers, and providers of consumer services, such as hotel, entertainment and media services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconASSA BAssa Abloy ABSEK248.92bn21.081.87%
se flag iconHM BH & M Hennes & Mauritz ABSEK211.85bn16.032.54%
se flag iconVOLCAR BVolvo Car ABSEK208.03bn11.33n/a
se flag iconEVOEvolution AB (publ)SEK204.74bn29.061.59%
se flag iconEMBRAC BEmbracer ABSEK96.56bnn/an/a
se flag iconHUSQ AHusqvarna ABSEK44.00bn10.423.75%
se flag iconHUSQ BHusqvarna ABSEK44.00bn10.053.89%
se flag iconELUX AElectrolux ABSEK40.07bn14.055.41%
se flag iconELUX BElectrolux ABSEK40.07bn11.916.38%
se flag iconTHULEThule ABSEK29.57bn15.914.6%
se flag iconPNDX BPandox ABSEK20.94bn12.98n/a
se flag iconDOMDometic AB (publ)SEK20.44bn10.413.83%
se flag iconKIND SDBKindredSEK18.68bn9.435.32%
se flag iconVPLAY AViaplay AB (publ)SEK17.39bn47.53n/a
se flag iconVPLAY BViaplay AB (publ)SEK17.39bn49.3n/a
se flag iconEPRO BElectrolux Professional publ ABSEK16.87bn34.68n/a
se flag iconSF BTAStillfront AB (publ)SEK13.69bn6.13n/a
se flag iconBILI ABilia ABSEK13.92bn9.644.05%
se flag iconJMJM ABSEK12.26bn7.047.52%
se flag iconMIPSMIPS ABSEK12.19bn45.791.07%