Top Specialty Retailers stocks in Sweden

Retailers operating stores and dealerships focused on a single area. Includes auto part, home improvement, home furnishing, office supply, toy, sporting equipment, book, kitchenware and houseware retailers. Also includes garden centers, car and truck dealerships.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconHM BH & M Hennes & Mauritz ABSEK205.49bn15.552.62%
se flag iconBILI ABilia ABSEK13.76bn9.534.1%
se flag iconFOOT BFootway ABSEK10.01bnn/a169.13%
se flag iconSYNSAMSynsam AB (publ)SEK9.10bn51.312.8%
se flag iconCLAS BClas Ohlson ABSEK6.71bn13.112.28%
se flag iconMEKOMeko ABSEK6.33bn9.112.67%
se flag iconBMAXByggmax ABSEK3.05bn4.467.69%
se flag iconLYKO ALyko AB (publ)SEK2.94bn167.97n/a
se flag iconCDONCDON ABSEK1.67bnn/an/a
se flag iconKJELLKjell AB (publ)SEK1.36bn19.66n/a
se flag iconZZ BZinzino ABSEK1.16bn15.415.82%
se flag iconDISTDistIT ABSEK733.80m22.763.93%
se flag iconOBABOnline Brands Nordic ABSEK518.86mn/an/a
se flag iconFREETRFreetrailer A/SDKK341.17m41.44n/a
se flag iconSODERSoder Sportfiske ABSEK316.37m34.92n/a
se flag iconSTRAXStrax ABSEK264.10mn/an/a
se flag iconRIZZO BRizzo ABSEK51.22mn/an/a
se flag iconANIMA BAnima ABSEK6.23mn/an/a
se flag iconANIMA TO2BAnima ABSEK6.23mn/an/a
se flag iconBOKUSBokusgruppen AB (publ)n/an/an/a