Top Technology stocks in Sweden

Manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, computer hardware and technology related office equipment, as well as providers of consulting and IT services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconHEXA BHexagon ABSEK347.51bn25.441.08%
se flag iconERIC ATelefonaktiebolaget LM EricssonSEK188.35bn10.74.29%
se flag iconERIC BTelefonaktiebolaget LM EricssonSEK188.35bn9.64.77%
se flag iconFNOXFortnox ABSEK40.29bn104.370.18%
se flag iconPDXParadox Interactive AB (publ)SEK27.80bn41.440.76%
se flag iconHMSHMS Networks ABSEK23.70bn43.170.79%
se flag iconMYCRMycronic AB (publ)SEK23.04bn29.461.48%
se flag iconSINCHSinch AB (publ)SEK20.59bnn/an/a
se flag iconVIT BVitec Software AB (publ)SEK20.59bn65.090.31%
se flag iconHEMHemnet AB (publ)SEK18.32bn63.850.54%
se flag iconANOD BAddnode AB (publ)SEK16.67bn43.960.8%
se flag iconNCABNCAB AB (publ)SEK15.68bn33.011.31%
se flag iconTRUE BTruecaller ABSEK11.46bn23.02n/a
se flag iconSFStillfront AB (publ)SEK9.30bn5n/a
se flag iconMTG AModern Times MTG ABSEK7.87bn15.98n/a
se flag iconMTG BModern Times MTG ABSEK7.87bn15.51n/a
se flag iconBFGByggfakta Nordic Holdco ABSEK7.48bn75.71n/a
se flag iconBOOZTBOOZT ABSEK7.37bn42.28n/a
se flag iconNOTENote AB (publ)SEK6.99bn24.67n/a
se flag iconKNOWKnowit AB (publ)SEK5.15bn14.073.99%