Top Technology stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, computer hardware and technology related office equipment, as well as providers of consulting and IT services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6758Sony¥17tn17.640.56%
jp flag icon8035Tokyo Electron¥9tn18.712.68%
jp flag icon6981Murata Manufacturing Co¥5tn20.821.79%
jp flag icon6723Renesas Electronics¥4tn16.23n/a
jp flag icon6752Panasonic Holdings¥4tn14.161.86%
jp flag icon7751Canon¥4tn14.173.41%
jp flag icon6702Fujitsu¥4tn16.991.28%
jp flag icon6857Advantest¥3tn24.970.78%
jp flag icon9613NTT Data¥3tn18.51.11%
jp flag icon4689Z Holdings¥3tn37.591.58%
jp flag icon3659Nexon Co¥2tn20.990.36%
jp flag icon6146Disco¥2tn27.061.48%
jp flag icon4307Nomura Research Institute¥2tn28.061.24%
jp flag icon2413M3¥2tn43.650.6%
jp flag icon4684Obic Co¥2tn41.171.07%
jp flag icon6920Lasertec¥2tn57.30.57%
jp flag icon6701NEC¥2tn15.971.62%
jp flag icon4716Oracle Japan¥1tn26.791.47%
jp flag icon7701Shimadzu¥1tn24.611.24%
jp flag icon6963Rohm Co¥1tn15.521.62%