Top Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment stocks in Japan

Designers and manufacturers of semiconductors, as well as producers of testing and manufacturing equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8035Tokyo Electron¥9tn21.122.5%
jp flag icon6723Renesas Electronics¥4tn12.88n/a
jp flag icon6857Advantest¥3tn29.080.84%
jp flag icon6146Disco¥3tn36.251.16%
jp flag icon6920Lasertec¥2tn44.780.79%
jp flag icon6963Rohm Co¥1tn15.91.74%
jp flag icon4062Ibiden Co¥1tn22.640.52%
jp flag icon6965Hamamatsu Photonics KK¥985bn23.11.23%
jp flag icon6967Shinko Electric Industries Co¥790bn19.970.86%
jp flag icon7735Screen Holdings Co¥684bn13.22.53%
jp flag icon3436SumCo¥678bn9.264.49%
jp flag icon3132Macnica Holdings¥435bn9.081.95%
jp flag icon7729Tokyo Seimitsu Co¥300bn12.993.16%
jp flag icon6966Mitsui High-tec¥286bn18.810.87%
jp flag icon6728Ulvac¥269bn17.22%
jp flag icon6055Japan Material Co¥235bn32.470.87%
jp flag icon6707Sanken Electric Co¥211bn19.010.34%
jp flag icon6323Rorze¥182bn91.31%
jp flag icon2760Tokyo Electron Device¥106bn11.123.34%
jp flag icon8140Ryosan Co¥103bn10.483.74%